Hearts Hall of Fame – Photo Legacy

All of us carry a story within ourselves…

Norm Linsky’s family wedding photo 1941, the Linsky family of Gloucester MA. Heart disease affected most of them, but little could be done to help them. Norm Linsky’s descendants, several of whom benefited from dramatic advances in heart disease care and support undreamed of in 1941. Grandparents of Janette Davaloz Edwards, Enrique and Maria Davaloz. They celebrated 76 years of marriage before my grandfather passed of heart disease.
Millie Henn and Donnette Smith, Mended Hearts officers and heart disease success stories. Thank you for all you do! Marvin Keyser, Southern Regional Directors, with the wonderful Mended Hearts members and heart care team at Memorial Regional Hospital, Hollywood, FL. Marvin Keyser, Southern Regional Directors, with grandkids.
Norm Linskys family, “The Linsky Bros. of Gloucester MA. Heart disease claimed them all, but not before they worked so hard that people like me could do something about it !” Norm and Marcia, “Olympic champion, heart disease survivor and heart champion Jackie Joyner-Kersee with Mended Hearts staff Marcia Baker and Norm Linsky.” Norm and Bruce, “With Washington DC anchorman Bruce Johnson — heart disease survivor, marathon runner, and strong Mended Hearts supporter.”