A Word From Our President

On Saturday March 7th, 1998 I had a quintuple bypass. My hospital stay was not smooth sailing. I developed an internal leak, and had to have open heart surgery again. It was a very difficult time for me, until a hospital visitor from Mended Hearts stopped by my room to offer a word of hope. He helped me get through my ordeal and assisted me on my road to recovery.

My visit from a Mended Hearts volunteer was my inspiration for joining the organization. True to the mission, it was indeed great to be alive and I was inspired to help others.

Since then I have attended every convention since 2002, and have held various offices as Treasurer, Regional Director, Executive Vice President, and now President. As President, it is my personal mission to reach more heart patients from all walks of life. No matter what your age, race, gender or ethnicity, you are welcome into the Mended Hearts family.

This year, Mended Hearts will celebrate 60 years of service offering education, inspiration and peer-to-peer support to heart patients. Our volunteers help patients, care givers and those affected by heart disease recover, adopt health lifestyles and learn to live again!

I hope you will join us as we continue to pursue our mission: “inspire hope and improve the quality of life for heart patients and their families”. We welcome you!


Gordon “Gus” Littlefield