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The Mended Hearts, Inc.
8150 N. Central Expressway, M2248
Dallas, Texas 75206
Information Line: 1-888-HEART99 (1-888-432-7899)
National Office: 214-206-9259
Fax: 214-295-9552


Norm Linsky, Executive Director 214-390-3265

  • Partnerships
  • Fundraising
  • Business development
  • Media relations

Andrea Baer, Director of Patient Advocacy 724-396-7820

  • National and State Advocacy Information and Initiatives
  • Public Policy Information or Questions
  • Online Support Community
  • Website Development
  • Patient Advocate Training

Brad Totty, Member Services/Fulfillment Coordinator 214-206-9259

      • General telephone and e-mail inquiries
      • Field administrative support for MH chapters and MLH groups
      • Chapter and group officer changes
      • MH and MLH contributions

Michael Dealey, Database/Technical Support Manager 214-295-9436

      • Technical Support
      • Membership information including change of address, chapter transfer, etc.
      • Chapter rosters
      • National and chapter dues information
      • Monthly renewals and reports

Marcia Baker, Corporate Development and Program Director 214-390-6233

      • Business development and fundraising
      • Management of funded projects and initiatives
      • Progress and status of new and ongoing projects

Rene Battles, Director of Field Services  214-329-0747

      • Chapter maintenance and policies
      • Visitor training programs
      • Volunteer opportunities
      • Educational programs for patients/caregivers
      • Starting new chapters
      • Website updates

Janette Edwards, Director of Operations 214-390-3268

      • Board and financial matters
      • General office issues
      • Chapter financial matters
      • National Leadership Conference

Jodi Lemacks, Mended Little Hearts National Program Director 804-419-7028

      • Mended Little Hearts group information
      • Congenital heart disease matters/questions
      • General telephone and email inquiries

Mandy Sandkuhler, Field Services and Communications Manager 469-888-3400

      • Heartbeat magazine
      • Social media
      • MLH and MH field service support
      • Data management