A Guide to Complicated Atrial Fibrillation

Atrial fibrillation (AFib) affects nearly three million people in the United States. Many patients are of advanced age and/or have other co-morbidities that make them complicated patients to treat. Improperly managed AFib can lead to stroke and heart failure; and yet management of AFib is frequently multi-faceted due to the other health risks of the patient population.

Atrial fibrillation and related cardiovascular health conditions require continuing medical care and patient education to prevent stroke and reduce the risk of long-term complications. The materials below provide education and support material for the complicated AFib patient that encompasses both the patient and the caregiver. Caregivers are very influential in the management of care of their loved ones and this program will provide education and support for both the patients and the caregivers to help empower patients to take control of their AFib and reduce their risk of stroke.

Educational Materials for the Patient

Educational material for the patient will focus on management of complicated atrial fibrillation with a specific emphasis on the reduction of stroke. The educational pieces with videos feature:

  • What is atrial fibrillation?
  • What does atrial fibrillation feel like?
  • Understanding your risk factors
  • What treatment options are available for atrial fibrillation?
  • Risks of unmanaged atrial fibrillation and strategies to manage atrial fibrillation
  • Resources for patients
  • Downloadable version for printing

Educational Materials for the Caregiver

Education material for the caregiver will focus primarily on what the caregiver can do to help manage their loved one’s atrial fibrillation. The materials including videos address the following topics:

  • What is atrial fibrillation?
  • What treatment options are available for atrial fibrillation?
  • How is stroke related to atrial fibrillation?
  • What can I do to help my loved one manage his/her atrial fibrillation?
  • Tips for medication adherence and keeping track of doctor’s visits
  • Downloadable version for printing


These materials have been created in sponsorship with Boehringer Ingelheim, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company and Janssen.