The Buddy / First Timer Session

Mended Hearts created the Buddy/First Timer System to help members attending the conference for the first time feel welcome, comfortable—and get the most out of their conference experience.

Here’s how the program works: If you are a “first timer” or are a veteran who has attended a conference before and you are willing to be a “buddy,” then please return the completed registration form.  Each first timer will be paired with a buddy, and the buddy will call and/or e-mail you prior to the event. Once your buddy has contacted you, you may ask questions, exchange ideas and get to know each other before arriving in Nashville.

One of the first events on the conference schedule is a Buddy/First Timer session, where Buddies and First Timers meet in person. Your buddy will be there to answer questions and introduce you to people throughout the conference. Of course, you can ask questions of any conference committee member or staff, as well as your buddy. With your buddy smoothing the way, you can relax, have fun and enjoy the events. After all, it’s your conference!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (605)339-2431 or by email at

See you all in Nashville!

Cathy Byington