Advocacy Videos

Becoming A Patient Advocate – Tell Your Story Effectively and With Ease

Are you interested in sharing your story about heart disease to create greater awareness in your local community or on a national level? The Mended Hearts Patient Advocacy Training Videos are a perfect tool to help you share your story effectively and with inspiration.

The video series shares the steps needed to speak to the media and to lawmakers. The step-by-step guide will give you the skills and confidence to share your story in a way that can make a difference in heart disease care and research.

Introduction to Patient Advocacy

How to Meet with Your Lawmaker

How to Tell Your Story to the Media

Your voice is important and we hope you’ll consider joining your fellow heart heroes as we work together to improve the lives of people living with cardiovascular disease.

Mended Hearts is committed to advocacy, which we define as making our voices heard to our local, state and national leaders in terms of supporting heart and heart patient-related policies and legislation. As patients, family members, and caregivers, we have a powerful message to deliver in terms of living with heart disease.

Mended Hearts and Mended Little Hearts each has a National Advocacy Chair and committee with geographic representation from throughout the country. This committee works to select the issues that are priority for Mended Hearts advocacy efforts and communicates this information to the chapters and groups.

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