Mended Hearts hosts regular training and leadership events to equip members to serve others. Mended Hearts members participate in an Annual Education and Training Conference and various regional workshops in addition to activities sponsored through their local chapters.

Annual Education and Training Conference

Inspire, Inform, Ignite!

This year’s annual conference was held at the beautiful Westin Indianapolis, June 19 – 22, 2014.  The Annual Conference brings members together from across the country for energizing speakers, informative seminars, networking opportunities and social activities. Participants leave this key training and leadership convention each year with renewed energy to carry out the mission of Mended Hearts.

Don’t forget to check back with us soon for more information on the 2015 Annual Education and Training Conference!

Cluster Meetings/Regional Connections

At the regional level, gatherings of multiple chapters are held at scheduled intervals to train members and chapter officers as well as keep members up to date on the latest medical advances in heart disease.  Cluster meetings are excellent opportunities to network for fellow Mended Hearts members, and share chapter best practices.

Contact us for more information, including corporate sponsorship opportunities, an excellent way to ensure more heart patients and their families are educated about cardiovascular health.