The Mended Hearts 2010 Annual Convention

Most information is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

58th Annual Convention Program Book (pdf) –
Take a Load Off Your Heart (pdf) – Joe Piscatella, National Expert and Author, Founder and President of Institute for Fitness & Health
Mended Little Hearts: Mended Hearts’ Big Program (pdf) (POWERPOINT VERSION)

Dale Briggs, National Board Director, Mended Little Hearts Susan Vanderpool, National MLH Volunteer Spokesperson

Mended Hearts and Hospitals: Powerful Partners in Patient Care (combined presentations – pdf)

(Catherine Case Larson POWERPOINT)

(Priscilla Soucy POWERPOINT)

(Lynne Allen POWERPOINT)

Catherine Case Larson, Southwest ARD; Priscilla Soucy, Northeast RD; Lynne Allen, Director, Volunteer Services, Northeast Georgia Health System

There’s a Mouse in the House – Computer Basics 101

Michael Dealey, Membership Database Administrator; Marti Samples, Executive Assistant, MHI National Office; Charlie Rivet, National Bylaws Chairperson

- Helpful Keyboard Shortcuts (pdf)

- How to Order Items and Download Documents Online (pdf)

- Email Basics (pdf)

- MicroSoft Excel Basics (pdf)

- Mail Merge Tutorial (pdf)

- Hearts and Computers! (pdf)

Speak from the Heart: An Education and Empowerment Campaign for Patients with Chronic Angina (pdf)(POWERPOINT VERSION)

Tina Sampath, Associate Director of eMarketing and Patient Marketing, Gilead Sciences

Donnette Smith, Mended Hearts Treasurer

Barbara Fletcher, Immediate Past President, PCNA

Truth about (Afib) Atrial Fibrillation: Facts to Live By (presentation pdf)

Truth about (Afib) (brochure pdf)

Dr. Nassir Marrouche, Director of Electrophysiology Lab and Atrial Fibrillation Program, University of Utah

Mellanie True Hills, CEO, American Foundation for Women’s Health and Founder,

Cath Patient Outreach Program- Jeffrey Marshall (pdf) - (POWERPOINT VERSION)Footage – RCA W Opened

Footage – RCA W Stent Deployed

Footage – RCA W Totalled

Footage – Turco Cath

Steve Stanko, Dr. Jeffrey Marshall and Victor & Judy DubePresentation (pdf) - (POWERPOINT VERSION)

Jeffrey Marshall, MD, Society of Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions, Chairman, Cath Patient Outreach Program; Steve Stanko, Mended Hearts Natinoal Chair, Cath Patient Outreach Program; Victor and Judy Dube, Visiting Chair, Gainesville, Georgia

My Space or YouTube? Mended Hearts & The Social Media Explosion (pdf)(POWERPOINT VERSION) Jennifer Browning, Social Media Consultant
Visiting Vitals: the Tried, the True and the New! (combined presentations – pdf)


(Victor Fabry POWERPOINT)

(Gerry Harrelson POWERPOINT)

Don Arvay, Mid-Atlantic ARD; Victor Fabry,Visiting Chairman, Morristown, New Jersey; Gerry Harrelson, National Internet Visiting Chair

Emphasizing the “Care” in Caregivers (pdf) - (POWERPOINT VERSION) Sue Borum, National Vice President, Charleston, South Carolina; Stan Henn, Mended Hearts, Temple, Texas
More than Surviving – Thriving with Heart Disease (pdf) Wayne Sotile, PhD, Author and Health Psychologist
Partners in Crime Part 2: Allies Fighting Heart Disease (pdf) - (POWERPOINT VERSION) Sarah A. Spinler, PharmD, FCCP, FAHA, FSHP, BCPS (AQ Cardiology), Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy Adjunct Faculty, University of Pennsylvania, Cardiovascular Division, Department of Medicine
(No Slides) Heart to Heart: A Member’s Compelling StoryBruce Johnson, Reporter and Anchor, WUSA – TV9, Washington, DC, and Author
Planting & Nurturing the Membership Garden (pdf) - (POWERPOINT VERSION) Wayne Lawson, Midwest ARD; Mark Levin, CAE, CSP, National Speaker and Membership Consultant, Certified Association Executive and Certified Speaking Professional
Newsletters 2010: The Printed Word Goes Digital (pdf) - (POWERPOINT VERSION) Sandy Briggs, National Newsletter Chair; Jim Bushnell, National Online Newsletter Chair
Hearts in Harmony: Recovery Through Mind, Body and Soul (pdf) – (POWERPOINT VERSION)Tim Elsner, MHI Executive Director


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