Dealing with Heart Disease

In addition to offering a support structure, Mended Hearts focuses on educating our members on the various aspects of coping with heart disease. Once diagnosed with heart disease, patients and even family members may experience depression, a change in appetite and other emotional and physical problems.

To learn more about the most common of these problems, read the topics below. If you’d like to contribute to this page, contact us with your ideas.

You can learn more about dealing with heart disease on the following pages:

Mended Hearts also reaches out through the Internet to offer encouragement and support to help heart patients, families and caretakers coping with heart disease. The service is offered to people who are in need of emotional support. We advise those with medical questions and requests to check with their physicians about symptoms or medical concerns.

If you would like to communicate with an Internet Visitor please contact Gerry Harrelson at , and your request will be forwarded to our trained visitors