Mended Hearts and Mended Little Hearts are proud to make a difference in the lives of others every day. Here are some stories from recent news articles about our members and their work:


January 20, 2021: Bayer Fund Group Donation Read Press Release

January 12, 2021: Pace of Mind Campaign Read Press Release

August 23, 2019: Mended Hearts of Gastonia announces scholarship winners for 2019-2020 Read Full Story

April 9, 2019: Volunteer Returns Favor to Heart Surgery Patients in the Duluth Read Full Story

March 26, 2019: Mended Hearts opens national resource center in Albany Read Full Story

March 23, 2019: Checking Up … Repairing Hearts and Saving Pups Read Full Story

March 20, 2019: Mended Hearts offers emotional support for heart patients for 30 years Read Full Story

March 18, 2019: Community members and Stearns Sheriff looking to help hearts with more outdoor AED access Read Full Story

February 8, 2019: Little hearts mend and the beat goes on Read Full Story

February 7, 2019: A new nonprofit is bringing heart back to Williamsburg Read Full Story

February 1, 2019: Mended Little Hearts Helping Local Children Read Full Story

January 21, 2019: Fair Oaks baby in national Rock Your Scar contest Read Full Story

January 10, 2019: Lynbrook resident mends little hearts Read Full Story

December 11, 2018: Sew into the hearts of patients and volunteer Read Full Story

November 19, 2018: At 88, Alberta Rogers offers hope and encouragement to heart patients Read Full Story

October 29, 2018: Georgia man finds help, hope after heart scare Read Full Story

September 26, 2018: The beats go on: Volunteers visit heart patients to ease their anxiety Read Full Story

August 22, 2018: Inspiring hope in heart disease patients Read Full Story

May 13, 2018: Mended Little Hearts provides support for children with heart conditions. Read Full Story 

March 15, 2018: Hospital Volunteer brings laughs and smiles to thousands of patients. Read Full Story

March 9, 2018: On the Mend-Thanks to a group of volunteers with Mended Hearts of Southern Oregon, both Walsch and Harder had someone to guide them through their pre-op fears and offer hope that life indeed goes on after open-heart surgery. Read Full Story

March 8, 2018: Bringing the Power of Peer Support to TAVR Patients: Peer-to-peer support benefits patients, but the model needs to change rapidly to keep up with treatment innovations.  Publication in Cardiovascular Business. Read Full Story

February 28, 2018: STRENGTH OF HEART: Local girl, 7, battles health challenges. Read Full Story

February 22, 2018: In Rockford, IL, A local group of volunteers hopes to ease the stress of heart surgery. Read Full Story

February 20, 2018: New Mended Hearts Chapter starting on the North Shore of Chicago, IL. Read Full Story

February 14, 2018: Health is Where the Heart is. Having someone to share life experiences with makes times easier, and encouraging those relationships is what her group, Mended Hearts Chapter 333 in The Villages, is all about. Read Full Story

February 14, 2018: Mom of ‘miracle baby’ urges awareness of congenital heart defects. Read Full Story

February 14, 2018: ‘Beat goes on’ for heart disease survivor. Read Full Story

February 14, 2018: Baby girl born with half a heart has two open heart surgeries. Read Full Story

February 6, 2018: Herkimer County Legislature Chairman Bernard Peplinski, Sr. read a proclamation Tuesday in the Legislature chambers proclaiming Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week in the county. Read Full Story

February 2, 2018: February is Heart Month, and next week during CHD Awareness Week (Feb. 7-14), runners from across the country will be sending out a ROAR for Congenital Heart Disease awareness by participating in the Mended LittleHearts 2018 Roar ‘N Run Virtual Charity Race. Read Full Story