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Certified Advocate Training

In order to bring Mended Hearts’ “power of the patient voice” to bear on important issues across the nation, we have developed an online training course for Certified Advocates. This course will help you gain the knowledge and education you will need to be the best advocate you can be. This course is designed to develop your skills and give you practical information on how to share your story effectively and powerfully.

The Certified Advocate Training Course consists of five modules. Each includes a short video (10-25 minutes each) and handouts you can download and save or print.

Once you have completed the webinar and viewed the videos, please complete this affidavit and submit via email to: or you may print and mail it to:

The Mended Hearts, Inc.
National Office
8150 N Central Expressway
Suite M2248
Dallas, TX 75206-1815

Once you have completed these steps you will receive your certified advocate training ID card via email to print and keep. You will then become a part of our national Patient Advocacy Network: Champions of Change. You will have opportunities to share your story and the power of Mended Hearts and Mended Little Hearts, in a variety of settings that will have direct impact on patients everywhere.

Certified Advocate Training Modules

Module 1: Mended Hearts and Mended Little Hearts Advocacy Priorities

Module 2: The Fundamentals of Advocacy

Module 3: Telling Your Story

Module 4: Public Speaking

Module 5: Media Training

For further questions, please contact Mended Hearts at or send email to: