Tips for Caregivers

When you are caring for a loved one, whether in the hospital or at home, caring for yourself is often your last priority. However, it is important to create a balance between caring for others and yourself. You may not feel that caring for yourself is a priority, but it is imperative that you try. The best gift you can give your loved one is to also care for yourself.

For the Caregiver- Remember to:

Communicate how you are feeling

Allow time to grieve the lack of normal

Reflect on the journey—in writing

Educate yourself about the disease

Get involved in your loved one’s care

Involve others who can help

Visit with other MHI/MLH members

Eat right

Rest—get sleep and take breaks

Mended Hearts recognizes the unique needs of caregivers and are committed to providing them with support and education. Mended Hearts hosts a Caregiver Committee whose mission is to provide educational and emotional support to our local chapters.  You can join a local chapter by calling 1-888-HEART99.   If you are looking for support outside of joining a local chapter, you can create a journal and ask questions via our Connections in a Heartbeat discussion board.