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Frequently Asked Questions on Membership

Q: I have a member who wants to change from Individual to Family Membership. Do I have to wait until the dues are renewed?
A: Individuals can change to a Family Membership at any time during the year. Write the name and address of the member on the renewal form with a note to change from Individual to Family. Send in the difference in dues ($7.00) for the change in status. Don’t forget to include the name of the second person so that she/he can be added to the existing membership.

Q: I have a person who wants to transfer from another chapter or is a Member-At-Large. What do I do?

A: Write the person’s information on the renewal form with a note of which chapter he or she is transferring from or if a member-at-large. You will only need to collect your chapter dues if the person’s national membership is current. If you have any doubt when the transferring member’s dues expire, please call Michael Dealey at 1-888-432-7899 or email him at He will look up the member’s expiration date for you.

Q: The life members on my roster have an expiration date of January, 2099. Is a life membership good for life or only until that date?
A: Life Memberships are good for the rest of the person’s life. However, in order for the database to function correctly, all records must have an expiration date. The year 2099 is arbitrary (and can be changed if needed) but is far enough in the future to guarantee that the membership will stay in effect for the remainder of a person’s life.

Q: When will I receive my chapter roster?
A: As an officer, click on the report feature in the officers’ portal of the online member database.

Q: Do I need to send separate checks for new and renewing members?
A: Only one check needs to be sent in with the total amount for new and renewing members. However, sending two separate checks is also acceptable. It’s helpful if the treasurer or member chair sends a cover letter explaining the breakdown of the check but it is not absolutely necessary.

Q: Should I send personal checks from the members to the national office?
A: Checks from your new members should be deposited in the chapter checking account. A check from the chapter should be sent in to cover the national dues amount for new members.

Q: What are the current national dues amounts?

A: The current amounts for dues are:

Individual National Annual: $17 ($20 Effective 1-1-14)
Individual Life: $150
Family National Annual: $ 24 ($30 Effective 1-1-14)
Family Life: $210

Members may join or renew online with a credit card on the new secured web area.

Q: Are chapter dues determined by National?
A: The dues for your chapter are set at the chapter level. Refer to your chapter’s By-laws for guidelines that may have been set. You do not need the national office’s permission to change the amount of chapter membership dues but please notify the national office of the change so that the correct amount will be reflected on Renewal Notices sent from national. The only requirement set by national is that the amount of the chapter dues does not exceed the national amount.

Q: Do life members have to pay chapter dues?
A: While life members pay national dues up front, they are not exempt from annual chapter dues. Some chapters have set their own life membership dues, and others collect chapter dues each year. That is determined by the chapter itself.

Q: The Renewal Detail form lists Individual Life and Family Life. Why are they on the Renewal form if life members never have to renew?
A: Most members do not join as Life Members. They will change to it after they have been a member for several years. Having the Life Memberships listed on the renewal form makes it easier for chapter treasurers to change from one type of membership to another.

Q: I have a member who dropped out last year but wants to come back. What do I have to do to have him/her reinstated?
A: For a person who wants to renew their membership within three months after it has lapsed, members may renew online at to be reinstated with a new renewal date. 

Q: One of my chapter members has passed away. Do I notify national?
A: Please let us know if members have passed away by emailing If it was a family membership, please be certain to let us know which member. We will change the membership from family to individual in the remaining person’s name.

Q: What constitutes a family membership?
A: A family membership is two or more people in the same household. They must share the same address though they do not have to have the same last name. Members of the same family which reside at different addresses should hold separate memberships.

Q: How do I order more forms and what is the cost?
A: All member enrollment forms are provided for Mended Hearts chapters at no cost. If materials must be rush-shipped, the chapter will be charged for the actual shipping costs.  Forms may be ordered on the online materials requisition form in the officers’ portal.

Q: Where can I find the Mended Hearts Prayer?
A: Click here.