The GoToGuide on Depression

Depression is a fairly common condition among people who have had a heart event. As many as one in three who’ve had a heart attack report feelings of depression. Women, people...Read More


The GoToGuide on Chronic Heart Failure

Mended Hearts is pleased to announce new online educational GoToGuide about chronic heart failure. The GoToGuide covers topics such as: What Is Chronic Heart Failure? Causes of...Read More

The GoToGuide on High Cholesterol and FH

Cholesterol is a substance your body makes naturally. It is soft and waxy, similar to fat, and is present in your body’s cells and in your bloodstream. Cholesterol is necessary...Read More

The GoToGuide on Valve Disease

One common form of heart disease is valve disease, which occurs when one or more of your heart valves isn’t working properly. Mended Hearts has created a helpful resource for...Read More

The GoToGuide on Heart Attacks

Mended Hearts is pleased to announce a new online educational GotoGuide about heart attacks. The GotoGuide covers topics such as: What is a heart attack? How do arteries get...Read More