Board of Directors

  • President of the Board: Donnette Smith
  • Executive Vice President: Millie Henn
  • Vice President: Patrick Farrant
  • Treasurer: Gordon (Gus) Littlefield
  • Vice President, Mended Little Hearts: Angel Olvera
  • Central Regional Director: Bruce Norris
  • Mid-Atlantic Regional Director: Bill Carter,
  • Midwest Regional Director: Larry Mantle
  • Northeast Regional Director: Bob Hoffman
  • Rocky Mountain Regional Director: Bob Oberfield
  • Southern Regional Director: Marvin Keyser
  • Southwest Regional Director: Lynn Berringer
  • Western Regional Director: Ron Manriquez
  • Past Presidents’ Council Chairman: Margaret Elbert
  • Director, Mended Little Hearts: Beth Gray
  • Appointed Board Member: Jack Britt
  • Appointed Board Member: Kathy Boyd David
  • Appointed Board Member: Tina Sampath


Left to right: Gus Littlefield, Treasurer, Donnette Smith, President, Patrick Farrant, Vice-President, Millie Henn, Executive Vice President, and Angel Olvera, Mended Little Hearts Vice-President.

Mended Little Hearts Steering Committee

MLH Vice President: Angel Olvera

MLH Board Member: Beth Gray     

MLH Social Media Chair: Shannan Pearsall

MLH Advocacy Chair: Dana Hageman

MLH Heart Run Chair: Emily Schaffenhausen

MLH Conference/PR Chair: Lauren Gray

MLH Technology Chair: Len Schendel

Visiting Committee Chair: Fredonia Williams


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Being connected with The Mended Hearts and Mended Little Hearts groups provides real-life answers to the question “How?” Read Andrea's story in our latest blog post.

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