Heartbeat™ Magazine 70th Anniversary

70th Anniversary Cover

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Heartbeat™ is the quarterly magazine Mended Hearts distributes to members and subscribers all over the nation. Each issue focuses on the topics that matters most to our readers such as…


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Into the Future

The Mended Hearts, Inc. plans for its next 70 years. By Michelle Palmer Jones As executive director of The Mended Hearts, Inc. (MHI), Andrea Baer is proud and thankful to... ...Read More

Man with a Mission

70 years ago, Dr. Dwight E. Harken created the first known support group for heart surgery survivors — and it’s still going strong today. By Tamekia Reece In January 1951,... ...Read More

The Power of the Pillars

What does it take to run the world’s largest peer-to-peer support group? The Mended Hearts, Inc. has found the three pillars that support its mission. By Rachel Hedstrom Being the... ...Read More

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Heartbeat® Magazine: 2024 Medical Professionals Edition


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Heartbeat® April 2023


A Balancing Act of Care

Joe Gatto’s health journey has been full of...read more

Heartbeat® Magazine July 2022


Following Your Heart… History

Eighteen months post heart transplant, Rick Haas...read more

Heartbeat® Magazine: Medical Professionals Edition 2022


Heartbeat® Magazine April 2022


Heartbeat® Magazine January 2022


TAVR & Underserved Populations

Imagine this: You have aortic stenosis (AS), a...read more

Reaching Underserved Populations

“We always say that Mended Hearts® is the best-kept...read more

A Matter of Time

Aortic stenosis (AS) is the most common type of...read more

Heartbeat October 2021

Heartbeat™ Magazine October 2021


Words of Wisdom

As part of our year-long Share Your Heart™...read more

The Power of Belonging

Being part of The Mended Hearts, Inc. provides...read more

Healthy for the Holidays

  Good health during the holiday season means...read more

70th Anniversary Cover

Heartbeat™ Magazine 70th Anniversary


Into the Future

The Mended Hearts, Inc. plans for its next 70...read more

Man with a Mission

70 years ago, Dr. Dwight E. Harken created the...read more

The Power of the Pillars

What does it take to run the world’s largest...read more

Heartbeat July 2021 Cover

Heartbeat™ Magazine July 2021


Music for Heart Health

Sound Medicine

Studies have shown that music can help with surgical...read more

Kidney disease

Triple Threat

The "triple threat" of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes...read more

Beyond AS: Mitral Valve Disease

Patricia Brown-Glover wants others to learn from...read more

Heartbeat™ Magazine April 2021


No Time to Waste

David Clark is one of the millions of Americans...read more

Every Scar Tells a Story

Every year, Mended Little Hearts® holds a photo...read more

Support for a Lifetime Laptop Screen


A congenital heart defect (CHD) or heart disease...read more

Heartbeat™ Magazine: Medical Professionals Edition


A Matter of Time

Aortic Stenosis (AS) is the most common type of...read more

Beyond AS

For the many Americans living with valvular diseases,...read more

Heartbeat™ Magazine January 2021


Sleeping for Your Heart Health

When Jeanne Miller wakes up at 3:25 a.m., a lot...read more

Beating the Odds

Mike Coleman,  Ph.D., is a few years away from...read more

Heartbeat™ Magazine Oct 2020


Meet Your Candidates

It’s time to elect the officers for Mended Hearts...read more

When Food Is A Problem

Feeding challenges add extra stress to a child’s...read more

Double Trouble

The “Know Diabetes by Heart” initiative explores...read more

Heartbeat Cover July-Sept 2020

Heartbeat™ Magazine July-Sept 2020


Heartbeat Exercise RX

Exercise RX

There’s no magic pill for heart disease, but...read more

Heartbeat Eliminating the Miles Between Us

Eliminating the Miles Between Us

Innovative new ways of staying connected will...read more

Heartbeat Mindset Matters

Mindset Matters

Some of the most promising ‘new’ treatments...read more


Heartbeat™ Magazine April/June 2020



Rock On

By Paula Felps Now in its sixth year, Mended Little...read more

Heart Failure: What You Need to Know

By Tamekia Reece The number of people diagnosed...read more

Heart Health Through the Ages

By Cindy Baldhoff It’s never too late to start...read more


Heartbeat™ Magazine January/March 2020



Strong at Heart

By Cindy Baldhoff After being diagnosed with atrial...read more


Your Mouth Is a Window to Heart Health

By Rachel Hedstrom A healthy smile is great for...read more

The New Face of TAVR

By Tamekia Reece New guidelines allow younger,...read more


Fuerte de corazón

De Cindy Baldhoff Después de ser diagnosticado...read more

Heartbeat™ Magazine November/December 2019


7 Easy Lifestyle Changes That Are Good for Your Heart

Here are seven healthy lifestyle habits that are...read more


Public Health Enemy No. 1: Loneliness

It’s been seen as an emotional issue, not a...read more

CHD Symposium Showcases Innovations

This year’s sixth annual event brought together...read more

heart health

Heartbeat™ Magazine August-October 2019


High-Tech Hearts

New advancements in technology are changing cardiac...read more


Get Out

Moving around is good for your cardiovascular...read more

Artificial Hearts, Real Lifelines

Today, man-made hearts save lives by providing...read more

Corazones artificiales: los salvadores de vida

De Jon Gingerich Hoy en día, los corazones artificiales...read more

Heart Magazine April-July 2019

Heartbeat™ Magazine April-July 2019


Heartbeat Magazine A New Lease on Life

A New Lease on Life

LVADs used to limit what patients could do; now,...read more

Heartbeat Magazine Minding Your Heart Health

Minding Your Heart Health

Your outlook on life has more to do with heart...read more

Heartbeat Magazine Caring for the Caregiver

Caring for the Caregiver

During the trauma of coping with a child’s heart...read more

Heartbeat™ Magazine January/February 2019


Amigos Peludos

  De Rachel Hedstrom Los perros de terapia...read more

Heart-Healthy Meal Makeovers

  by Mary Dunklin Making heart-healthy dietary...read more

Four on the Floor

  by Rachel Hedstrom Even for a girl named...read more

Strengthening the Chapter-Hospital Relationship

  by Tamekia Reece At the annual conference...read more

Heartbeat Magazine November/December 2018

Heartbeat™ Magazine November/December 2018



la TAVR y el hombre que mejor se siente

  De Melanie Medina La casa de John Murray...read more

Mended Little Hearts

Meet Your Candidates

Take a closer look at who’s on the ballot to...read more


Making News

The FDA approves a new treatment option for the...read more


TAVR and the million-dollar man

Transcatheter aortic valve replacement is a less-invasive...read more

Heartbeat magazine September October 2018

Heartbeat™ Magazine September/October 2018


Heartbeat Article "More Than Just Bags"

More Than Just Bags

Mended Little Hearts fits hope, courage and comfort...read more

Mended Hearts Conference Celebrate Life!

Celebrating Life!

Take a look back at some of the highlights of...read more

Heartbeat Article "Testing, Testing"

Testing, Testing

Clinical trials are the key to many life-saving...read more

Heartbeat Magazine July/August 2018

Heartbeat™ Magazine July/August 2018


heart attack prevention

El futuro de los ataques al corazón

La ciencia avanza constantemente, y las tecnologías...read more

Living With Heart Failure

Living With Heart Failure

“You have heart failure.” Those words can...read more

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

A New Hope

By 2004, Mel Wislerknew something was wrong. He’d...read more

Heart Attack prevention

The Future of Heart Attack Prediction

  By Nicole Foster Science is constantly...read more

Heartbeat May/June 2018

Heartbeat™ Magazine May/June 2018


La Larga Carrera

El 11 de septiembre de 2011, Derek Fitzgerald...read more


Losing Sleep

Could disrupted sleep be affecting your heart...read more

Heartbeat Survivors

Survivors Have Heart

Five heart attack survivors share their powerful...read more

The Long Run Heartbeat

The Long Run

Heart transplant recipient and cancer survivor...read more

Heartbeat™ Magazine March/April 2018


Apoyo Sincero

Apoyo Sincero

Katie Mooshian recuerda haber recibido la llamada...read more

Heart disease and diabetes

Juggling Heart Disease & Type 2 Diabetes

Having diabetes makes heart disease more likely....read more

Heart attack biggest loser

Know Your Health From the Inside Out

Celebrity trainer Bob Harper talks about the heart...read more

Mended Hearts Heartfelt Support

Heartfelt Support

When doctors, friends and family members aren’t...read more

Heartbeat™ Magazine January/February 2018


Pumps and Pipes conference

Going With the Flow

Aside from a strong presence in Houston, medicine,...read more

American Heart Month
patient navigators in cardiac care

Show Me the Way

With an end goal of improving health and reducing...read more


Heartbeat™ Magazine November/December 2017

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La Bondad Jamás Se Desperdicia

Ben Cooper quiere compartir lo que guarda en su...read more



Six weeks after Donnette Smith’s doctor prescribed...read more


When Something’s Off

Joshua Lemacks, age 13, takes Sildenafil, a drug...read more


No Kindness Wasted

Ben Cooper's infantry division liberated the Dachau...read more


Heartbeat™ Magazine Winter 2015


Loving Life with Congenital Heart Defects

Loving Life with 5 Congenital Heart Defects

30-year-old Stephanie Romer talked one-on-one...read more

Mended Hearts Decisions

Decisions, Decisions

A quiet revolution has been taking place in American...read more


The Big Data Revolution

Big data has the potential to vastly change the...read more


Heartbeat™ Magazine Fall 2014

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Exercise vs. Stress

Michael Mantell, PhD, would prefer that we stop...read more


Taking the Stress Out of Caregiving

Is stress just part of living? It sure seems that...read more


Heartbeat™ Magazine Summer 2014

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Change for the Better

If there is one thing we want our children to...read more


Cholesterol and FH: Getting Control

Having high levels of “bad” (LDL) cholesterol...read more



Mended Hearts and Mended Little Hearts both have...read more

Heartbeat Spring 2015

Heartbeat™ Magazine Spring 2015

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Heart Hero Julia Carter

Heart Hero: Julia Carter

In sickness and in health, Julia and Bill Carter...read more

Mended Hearts Peer Support

Can Peer Support Keep You Out of the Hospital?

What new studies reveal about the effect of Mended...read more

Heartbeat magazine summer 2015

Heartbeat™ Magazine Summer 2015

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Heart Hero Julia Carter

Heart Hero: Julia Carter

In sickness and in health, Julia and Bill Carter...read more

Mended Hearts Peer Support

Can Peer Support Keep You Out of the Hospital?

What new studies reveal about the effect of Mended...read more

fall 2015 Heartbeat cover

Heartbeat™ Magazine Fall 2015

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Jill Bene Summer 2015

Heart Hero: Jill Bene

Jill Bene, president of Mended Hearts San Diego...read more

Speaking of Peer-to-Peer Support

Mended Hearts shares importance of peer-to-peer...read more

Cholesterol Counts

Cholesterol Counts

A new poll shows 71% of Americans don’t know...read more

Heartbeat Magazine September/October 2017

Heartbeat™ Magazine September/October 2017

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El diagnóstico de una mujer ayuda a sus hermanos a evitar la tragedia
One woman's diagnosis

One Woman’s Diagnosis Helps Her Siblings Avoid Tragedy

After an aortic aneurism nearly killed her, Karin...read more

Sparks Fly at Mended Hearts Annual Conference

SPARKS FLY at Mended Hearts Annual Conference

The Gaylord Opryland Hotel & Resort provided the...read more

Beat by Beat

Beat by Beat

Four families recall how they made it through...read more

heartbeat magazine 07-2017

Heartbeat™ Magazine July/August 2017


heartbeat magazine 05-2017

Heartbeat™ Magazine May/June 2017


5 things you'll love on the new mended hearts website

5 Features You’ll Love on the New Mended Hearts Website

We hope you’ll take the site for a test drive...read more

Ritmo Y Razon

La fibrilación auricular (FA), enfermedad que...read more

Don't know much about history, study up

Don’t know much about History? Study Up!

Knowing your family’s health history — and...read more

rhythm and reason

Rhythm and Reason

AFib, where the heart’s rhythm is out of sync,...read more


Heartbeat™ Magazine January/February 2017

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‘One Size Fits All’ Medicine is Not Fit For All

According to the American Heart Association, African...read more


Incredible Shrinking Heart Devices

The tip of a pencil. A dime. Two matchsticks....read more


The Kids Are All Right

Molly Barker of Washington Township, Ohio, watched...read more

heartbeat magazine march

Heartbeat™ Magazine March/April 2017

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searching for sun

Searching for Sun

Bill Golden, 67, initially went to the doctor...read more

hospital stay advice

Heartbeat™ January/February 2016

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6 Ways to Nurture a Relationship with Your Hospital

Some hospitals are wary about allowing peer-to-peer...read more


Kindred Hearts

When 16-year-old Hannah Long woke up in the back...read more


Heartbeat™ March/April 2016

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A Matter of Time, Life and Death

First, there was the shortness of breath. It happened...read more


Extreme Makeover: Life After a Heart Attack

Heart attack survivors face a host of challenges...read more


Changing the Things We Can

While we can’t control everything about our...read more


Heartbeat™ May/June 2016

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Socially Accepted

For some people, social media sites like Facebook...read more

Treating Blood Clots Requires Fast Action

When Lucien Dusablon, of Mended Hearts chapter...read more


On the Fast Track to Recovery

Jake Gray had always considered himself to be...read more


Heartbeat™ July/August 2016

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Making the Grades with Neurodevelopmental Challenges

For Lydia Butler, the Heart Institute Neurodevelopmental...read more


An Unlikely Partner for Heart Patients

Donnette Smith, President of Mended Hearts and...read more


Strength in Sharing

Editor’s Note: Read this article in Spanish....read more


Heartbeat™ September/October 2016

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Intense Cardiac Rehab: Not for the Faint of Heart

After triple cardiac bypass surgery in 1990, George...read more


Heart in Hands

If the term “3-D” makes you think of action...read more

Heartbeat™ November/December 2016

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Less Invasive Valve Procedures for Kids

Less-Invasive Valve Procedures Are Helping Kids Too

While the majority of heart disease occurs in...read more

Meet the Canidates

Elections are fast approaching for officers of...read more

More Valve Options Open New Chapters in Life

For years, only patients deemed “high risk”...read more