Heartbeat Magazine March/April 2018

About Heartbeat Magazine March/April 2018

Heartbeat is the bi-monthly magazine Mended Hearts distributes to members and subscribers all over the nation. Each issue focuses on the topics that matters most to our readers such as health tips, research updates, success stories, news on chapters and more. Below are some articles from our most recent March/April issue of Heartbeat.

Recent Articles
Mended Hearts Heartfelt Support

Heartfelt Support

When doctors, friends and family members aren’t enough, heart moms and dads turn to other heart families who’ve been there. ...Read More

Heart disease and diabetes

Juggling Heart Disease & Type 2 Diabetes

Having diabetes makes heart disease more likely. Lifestyle changes, the right medications and staying ...Read More

Heart attack biggest loser

Know Your Health From the Inside Out

Celebrity trainer Bob Harper talks about the heart attack that almost killed him. ...Read More

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Heartbeat Magazine

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Heart disease and diabetes

Juggling Heart Disease & Type 2 Diabetes

By Paula Felps When she was diagnosed with type...read more

Heart attack biggest loser

Know Your Health From the Inside Out

By Scotty Brewington   You may know Bob...read more

Mended Hearts Heartfelt Support

Heartfelt Support

By Kimberly Olsen Katie Mooshian remembers getting...read more

Mended Hearts Helps Patients Navigate Pre-Admissions Experience

By Sharon Harris R.N. CVN-BC BSN and Anna Hanson...read more

American Heart Month

American Heart Month: What’s in Store for the Next Half-Century?

By Heather R. Johnson President Lyndon B. Johnson...read more

Heartbeat Magazine January/February 2018


Mended Hearts Helps Patients Navigate Pre-Admissions Experience

By Sharon Harris R.N. CVN-BC BSN and Anna Hanson...read more

Pumps and Pipes conference

Going with the Flow

By Heather R. Johnson Aside from a strong presence...read more

patient navigators in cardiac care

Show Me the Way

By Camille Torres If you’ve just been discharged...read more

American Heart Month

American Heart Month: What’s in Store for the Next Half-Century?

By Heather R. Johnson President Lyndon B. Johnson...read more


Heartbeat Magazine November/December 2017

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La Bondad Jamás Se Desperdicia

Ben Cooper quiere compartir lo que guarda en su...read more



Six weeks after Donnette Smith’s doctor prescribed...read more


When Something’s Off

Joshua Lemacks, age 13, takes Sildenafil, a drug...read more


No Kindness Wasted

By Melanie Medina Ben Cooper wants to share...read more

Heartbeat Magazine September/October 2017

Heartbeat Magazine September/October 2017

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El diagnóstico de una mujer ayuda a sus hermanos a evitar la tragedia
One woman's diagnosis

One Woman’s Diagnosis Helps Her Siblings Avoid Tragedy

At the age of just 46, Karin Bertozzi, a yoga...read more

Sparks Fly at Mended Hearts Annual Conference

SPARKS FLY at Mended Hearts Annual Conference

The Gaylord Opryland Hotel & Resort provided...read more

Beat by Beat

Beat by Beat

When heart patients talk about their experiences,...read more

heartbeat magazine 07-2017

Heartbeat Magazine July/August 2017


Fighting health policies

Fighting for Health Policies that Benefit All Heart Patients

Mended Hearts and Mended Little Hearts members...read more

Telemedicine's Expanding Role in Cardiac Care

Telemedicine’s Expanding Role in Cardiac Care

Imagine sitting in your primary care physician’s...read more

heartbeat magazine 05-2017

Heartbeat Magazine May/June 2017


5 things you'll love on the new mended hearts website

5 Features You’ll Love on the New Mended Hearts Website

1. Blended Hearts Mended Hearts and Mended Little...read more

Ritmo Y Razon

Cada año, cerca de tres millones de personas...read more

Don't know much about history, study up

Don’t know much about History? Study Up!

Millie Henn’s father died when he was 53 because...read more

rhythm and reason

Rhythm and Reason

Each year, nearly 3 million people are diagnosed...read more

heartbeat magazine march

Heartbeat Magazine March/April 2017

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searching for sun

Searching for Sun

Bill Golden, 67, initially went to the doctor...read more

hospital stay advice

Heartbeat Magazine January/February 2017

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‘One Size Fits All’ Medicine is Not Fit For All

Editor's Note: Read this article in Spanish. When...read more


Incredible Shrinking Heart Devices

By Laura Johnson The tip of a pencil. A dime....read more


The Kids Are All Right

Molly Barker of Washington Township, Ohio, watched...read more

Heartbeat November/December 2016

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Meet the Canidates

Elections are fast approaching for officers of...read more

More Valve Options Open New Chapters in Life

Editor's Note: Read this article in Spanish. Larry...read more


Heartbeat September/October 2016

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Intense Cardiac Rehab: Not for the Faint of Heart

After triple cardiac bypass surgery in 1990, George...read more


Heart in Hands

Editor's Note: Read this article in Spanish. If...read more


Heartbeat July/August 2016

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Making the Grades with Neurodevelopmental Challenges

For Lydia Butler, the Heart Institute Neurodevelopmental...read more


An Unlikely Partner for Heart Patients

Donnette Smith, President of Mended Hearts and...read more


Strength in Sharing

Editor's Note: Read this article in Spanish. We...read more


Heartbeat May/June 2016

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Socially Accepted

For some people, social media sites like Facebook...read more


Treating Blood Clots Requires Fast Action

When Lucien Dusablon, of Mended Hearts chapter...read more


On the Fast Track to Recovery

Jake Gray had always considered himself to be...read more


Heartbeat March/April 2016

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A Matter of Time, Life and Death

First, there was the shortness of breath. It happened...read more


Extreme Makeover: Life After a Heart Attack

Heart attack survivors face a host of challenges...read more


Changing the Things We Can

While we can’t control everything about our...read more


Heartbeat January/February 2016

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6 Ways to Nurture a Relationship with Your Hospital

Some hospitals are wary about allowing peer-to-peer...read more


Kindred Hearts

When 16-year-old Hannah Long woke up in the back...read more


Heartbeat Magazine Winter 2015



Loving Life With 5 Congenital Heart Defects

30-year-old Stephanie Romer talked one-on-one...read more


Decisions, Decisions

More doctors are giving heart patients and their...read more


The Big Data Revolution

Physicians and hospitals have more information...read more

fall 2015 Heartbeat cover

Heartbeat Magazine Fall 2015

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jim bushnell
and the award goes to

And the Awards Go To…

A national conference is not a national conference...read more

12 takeaways from orlando

12 Takeaways From Orlando

The 63rd annual Mended Hearts and Mended LittLe...read more

New Heart Drugs: The Promise and the Price

If you’re one of the 5 million Americans living...read more

Heartbeat magazine summer 2015

Heartbeat Magazine Summer 2015

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Jill Bene Summer 2015

Heart Hero: Jill Bene

Jill Bene, president of Mended Hearts San Diego...read more

Cholesterol Counts

Cholesterol Counts

In December 2014, Mended Hearts teamed up with...read more

Speaking of Peer-to-Peer Support

As nearly 20,000 heart specialists and industry...read more

Heartbeat Spring 2015

Heartbeat Magazine Spring 2015

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Heart Hero Julia Carter

Heart Hero: Julia Carter

At the heart of things, Julia Carter’s story...read more

Can peer support keep you out of the hospital

Can Peer Support Keep You Out of the Hospital?

Spending another night on a hospital gurney is...read more


Heartbeat Magazine Fall 2014

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Exercise vs. Stress

One of the best ways to keep stress out of your...read more


Taking the Stress Out of Caregiving

No doubt about it, caregiving can be stressful....read more


Heartbeat Magazine Summer 2014

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Change for the Better

With greater independence, the future is bright...read more


Cholesterol and FH: Getting Control

Having high levels of “bad” (LDL) cholesterol...read more



A bold new direction for Mended Hearts and Mended...read more