Helicopter Golf Ball Drop

Mended Little Hearts first ever helicopter golf ball drop and national raffle will be held on September 29th 2018 at a Phoenix golf course. Only 2,000 numbered balls are available. You do not need to be present to win, and balls are available across the nation!

How does it work? You buy a golf ball (or 5 or 10) and will be randomly assigned a number from 1-2000 (up to the amount of balls sold). On September 29th, in Phoenix, a helicopter will take all of the golf balls up and drop them onto the green. Closest (or in) the hole are the winners.

Three prizes will be awarded:

1st place: $2,500


2nd place: $1,500


3rd place: $500.00










The event will be live streamed on Facebook and there will be a live event at the golf course!

Join in the fun! Support the Mended Little Hearts program and purchase your balls today!!