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Patient Access Network Foundation Patient Referral Program

Patient Access Network Foundation is a nonprofit organization that Mended Hearts entered into an Alliance with to receive patient referrals to offer support to patients. Patients seek financial assistance for medicines from the Patient Access Network Foundation. For additional information visit:

1. Mended Hearts commitment to the Patient Access Network Foundation: Accredited Visitors are needed to conduct telephone visits with Patient Access Network Foundation patient referrals.

2. Currently, all referrals are heart failure patients given to Mended Hearts Monday-Friday.
a. Average 7 heart failure patients a day
b. Referrals must be contacted within 3 days of receiving them and three attempts must be made to connect
c. Mended Hearts receives $10 per referral as long as we contact the patient as required (within the 3 days)

3. Scheduled “Visitor” to make first contact and visit with the patient via telephone (or email if the individual prefers). Each committee member would need to cover one day of telephone visiting approximately every 2 weeks. A monthly schedule will be provided for volunteers. If the volunteer is unable to cover the day they are scheduled, please email or call at 724-396-7820

4. Daily the Mended Hearts staff will send the patient referrals / visiting list to the Accredited Visitor scheduled that day. The list will be sent each morning before 8:30 AM EST as an excel spreadsheet attachment, via email. Each Visitor has 3 days to make phone contact with the patient. If there is no response, a standardized voice mail message will be developed to leave on patient’s phone. This message will refer them to 1-888-HEART-99.

5. The visitor will complete the online survey for each visit, including those who were not able to be contacted.

Please click here to access the online survey

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