The GoToGuide on Heart Attacks

Mended Hearts is pleased to announce a new online educational GotoGuide about heart attacks. The GotoGuide covers topics such as:

  • What is a heart attack?
  • How do arteries get blocked?
  • Who is likely to have a heart attack?
  • Signs of a heart attack
  • Symptoms of coronary heart disease
  • Treatment of heart attack
  • Depression after a heart attack
  • Preventing your first (and second) heart attack

The interactive guide also includes videos, quizzes and printable patient tools.

Mended Hearts gratefully acknowledges sponsorship provided by AstraZeneca.



Ladies, listen to your body and get a second opinion if you've experienced heart attack symptoms. Women perceived as low-risk for heart attacks are frequently misdiagnosed.

Nearly 1 million Americans are hospitalized with chronic heart failure each year. Our GoToGuide provides everything you need to know about heart failure, including lifestyle changes and available treatments. #HeartHealth