Rock Your Scar

Rock Your Scar

Rock Your Scar 2018


CHD warriors of ALL ages, show us how you embrace your CHD!  Everyone’s journey with a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) is different, but we all gain scars along the way both emotionally and physically. When survivors come through procedures or pass certain milestones whether it be an echocardiogram, a catherization or open-heart surgery, we say they handled it “like a rock star”! We want every child and adult with CHD to feel good about themselves and be proud of who they are-they ARE Rock Stars! So come on, show us how you rock your scar!

The Rock Your Scar 2018 photo contest and national CHD Awareness campaign starts on January 2, 2018 and ends on January 30, 2018.  A scar is not required, but being a person who has congenital heart disease is.

Please only submit one photo, do not write on your photo and/or use a filter, and make sure any professional photos credit the photographer appropriately.  Photos are judged for creativity, quality, and demonstration of the theme of embracing your CHD.  While EVERYONE is a real winner, we will be selecting winners for each age category who will be announced during CHD Awareness Week, February 7-14.  All winners will receive a gift card and other fun prizes. For complete rules please read ROCK YOUR SCAR PHOTO CONTEST RULES

How to Enter: 

To submit your photo, please follow the link in the correct age group below:

  Age birth to 1: rockyourscar2018ages0to1

 Age 2 to 4: rockyourscar2018ages2to4


 Age 5 to 8: rockyourscar2018ages5to8

  Age 9 to 12: rockyourscar2018ages9to12

  Age 13 to 17: www.rockyourscar2018ages13to17

  Age 18 to 25: rockyourscar2018ages18to25

 Age 26 to 39: rockyourscar2018ages26to39


  Age, Over 40: rockyourscar201840andup

As always, this year we will have a People’s Choice winner. This winner is the one with the most votes. So share and tell your friends!