5 Features You’ll Love on the New Mended Hearts Website

5 things you'll love on the new mended hearts website

1. Blended Hearts

Mended Hearts and Mended Little Hearts will share the same website. Visitors will easily be able to find content that’s relevant to them by clicking on “I’m a patient,” or “I’m the parent of a CHD child.” Whether you’re 62 and were recently diagnosed with heart failure, or the parent of a 2-month-old with a congenital heart defect, you’ll find what you need.


2. Learn from a Larger Library

From AFib to valve defects, our new library of resources will house information on dozens of heart conditions. When you search for a particular heart condition, the results will show you not only background information about it, but also Heartbeat articles and online conversations about the condition. And speaking of conversations, the new site will feature…


3. Discussion Groups

Mended Hearts was founded on the premise that heart patients can and should help each other along their journeys, but we’re often limited to those we can visit within driving distance of our home. That will no longer be the case, thanks to condition-specific discussion forums on the new site.


4. Nifty Navigation

Our site will not only look more modern,it will
also be easier to navigate. The main navigation area
will give visitors six options: Learn, Connect, Advocate, Marketplace, About Us and Contact Us. There are also easy-to-find areas where visitors can join or donate, jump into one of the discussion groups, or see what’s happening on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. And it will look great whether viewed on a desktop or mobile device.


5. Attention to Advocacy

In recent years, we’ve strengthened efforts to advocate for health policies to help all heart patients. To draw more attention to this, we’ve added “Advocacy” to the main navigation area. In this area, visitors will be able to find webinars, details on
contacting elected officials, and see what
legislative initiatives are underway.

We hope you’ll take the site for a test drive as soon as it launches this summer and tell us what you think. And please share it with heart patients who may not be familiar with Mended Hearts or Mended Little Hearts.






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