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American Heart Month: What’s in Store for the Next Half-Century?

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By Heather R. Johnson President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed February 1964 the first American Heart Month. For 54 years, we’ve raised heart disease awareness on a national and global level. We have medications, medical devices and recovery protocols that weren’t even thought of in 1964. Annual deaths from cardiovascular disease and stroke have fallen dramatically. … Continue reading “American Heart Month: What’s in Store for the Next Half-Century?”

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This woman's diagnosis of an Aortic Aneurysm helped her siblings avoid tragedy by being proactively screened, and having elective surgery instead of suffering from a cardiac event.

It's National Healthcare Volunteer Week and we wanted to take this opportunity to send a GIANT thank you to all of our volunteers. Your time, effort and dedication are greatly appreciated. Thank you for all you do! #HCVolunteerweek #1in110 #CHD