If you need support for your TAVR procedure call 1-888-HEART99 or email TAVR@mendedhearts.org and someone can connect you!!

Mended Hearts is the world’s largest peer-to-peer support network for cardiovascular disease patients. Mended Hearts supports all cardiovascular disease patients and recognizes the growing valve disease patient population. Each year, according to the American College of Cardiology, about 5 million people are diagnosed with some form of heart valve disease.

Since 1951, Mended Hearts has been providing hope, support, education, and resources while helping cardiovascular disease patients advocate for themselves and helping caregivers advocate for loved ones. This support program was originally designed with long-stay surgical patients largely in mind—a population that continues to be central to our mission. However, medical care is changing rapidly, and peer support programs must change and adapt as well. We realize that TAVR patients have unique needs when it comes to support prior to and following their procedure. Valve disease patients are often typically more elderly, frail or sicker, yet generally have a shorter hospital stay than most surgical patients. These factors may preclude peer support prior to the TAVR procedure. Similarly, there is a shorter “window” for peer-to-peer support after the procedure and prior to discharge. That’s why we developed a TAVR peer-to-peer support network and visiting program designed to meet the unique needs of TAVR patients who can greatly benefit from connecting with others who have been through the process before.

About Mended Hearts’ TAVR Visiting Program

The cornerstone of Mended Hearts support is our accredited visiting program. Our volunteers visit over 200,000 patients and caregivers around the country each year. Mended Hearts created a new TAVR visiting program to address the unique needs of patients undergoing a TAVR procedure. In this program, TAVR patients are trained through Mended Hearts’ Accredited Visitor Training to conduct in-hospital and/or telephone visits with patients who are preparing for or recovering from a TAVR procedure.

Benefits of Mended Hearts

Joining Mended Hearts connects you instantly to patients and caregivers just like you who understand the needs of cardiovascular disease patients. The Mended Hearts program provide counseling and emotional support at the hospital bedside, one-to-one support after discharge, plus a variety of helpful support group meetings, educational materials, online events and social activities.

Associate membership is FREE! And we encourage you to sign up and join us TODAY!

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Learn about TAVR

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR for short) is a less invasive alternative available for people diagnosed with severe aortic stenosis. The procedure can also help people who had their aortic or mitral valve replaced in the past that may no longer function properly with a bio-prosthetic/tissue valve. There is a wealth of patient information on the TAVR procedure and commercially available devices which you can learn about from the following sites:

Currently there are three device manufacturers who produce valves that are used in the TAVR procedure

(The following website links are external websites that Mended Hearts does not operate:)

Additional TAVR Resources

You can read about the latest news in TAVR Visiting in our  TAVR Spotlight

You can watch the recent Webinar: Shared Decision Making in the Era of Evolving Treatments of Aortic Valve Disease HERE

Learn how to reduce your risk of stroke during TAVR with this webinar: HERE

Doctor Discussion Guide for Cerebral Protection can be accessed HERE

For Healthcare Professionals

To start a TAVR Visiting Program to Support Your Patients:

1. Designate a contact person at your hospital who works with TAVR patients.

2. Send contact information to Jodi Smith at Jodi.smith@mendedlittlehearts.org Let us know the best way to send you information about the program (email or mailing address). This contact person will be given information about our healthcare professional TAVR online community, access to our informational webinar on the TAVR visiting program, and other information about the TAVR visiting program.

3. If you have patients who have had TAVR and would like to call or visit to support patients before or after TAVR (or both), please email their contact information to Jodi.smith@mendedlittlehearts.org

4. New volunteers can participate in Accredited Visitor Training (See schedule above) on topics including HIPAA, cultural sensitivity, working with hospitals, telephone visiting tips and emailing tips.

5. TAVR visitors will receive ongoing training and information in accord with MendedHearts’ volunteer standards and procedures.