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Clinical Trials

clinical trials

Clinical trials are research studies in which people volunteer to test new drugs or devices. These trials are conducted by scientists to determine if new treatments work and are safe for people. Clinical trials follow strict scientific standards that protect patients and work to produce reliable results. Clinical trials occur at the end of the…

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Education and Resources

When you are caring for a loved one, whether in the hospital or at home, caring for yourself is often your last priority. However, it is important to create a balance between caring for others and yourself. You may not feel that caring for yourself is a priority, but it is imperative that you try….

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Mended Hearts is pleased to offer GoToGuides for high cholesterol and FH, valve disease, heart attacks and chronic heart failure. GoToGuides are educational flipbooks offering signs, symptoms, treatment and prevention tips of heart disease.

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Heartbeat Magazine

Heartbeat is the bi-monthly magazine Mended Hearts distributes to members and subscribers all over the nation. Each issue focuses on the topics that matters most to our readers such as health tips, research updates, success stories, news on chapters and more.

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Mended Hearts National Newsletter


Mended Hearts sends newsletters electronically to our members across the nation to help educate patients, families and caregivers on a variety of things. As the oldest cardiac peer-to-peer support group in the nation, we visit nearly 250,000 patients each year. Our members provide educational materials to patients in the hospital, and our newsletters provide monthly…

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MH and MLH HeartGuides


The Mended Hearts HeartGuide is an innovative, informative resource for heart patients and their families, friends, and caregivers. The Mended Hearts HeartGuide provides comprehensive detail on all aspects of heart disease in an attractive, modern format, and serves as a trusted companion for readers along the journey to heart health. The digital HeartGuide can be…

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Speakers Bureau

speakers bureau

The Mended Hearts, Inc. is pleased to offer a resource to national, state and local organizations, hospitals, civic groups, schools, companies and other groups interested in hearing from experienced, excellent speakers on a variety of topics related to heart disease. Trained members of the Speakers Bureau are available to speak about heart disease and heart…

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Stories of Inspiration Videos

stories of inspiration

Even from our hour of darkest despair can a ray of hope shine. So is the purpose of the Mended Hearts Stories of Inspiration. Each issue of our Heartbeat magazine includes an uplifting story told from the perspective of a heart patient or a loved one. We hope they inspire you to see all of…

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Web Resources

AFib 4WARD is a website and patient tools dedicated to improving quality and consistency of care for patients needing anticoagulation treatment. AFib 4WARD is designed to help Healthcare Providers and patients engage in an informative conversation about AFib-related stroke risk, while also informing and encouraging a shared decision making process regarding treatment options.   AlittleFib.org…

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