Mended Hearts is the world’s largest peer-to-peer support network for cardiovascular disease patients. Mended Hearts supports all cardiovascular disease patients and recognizes the growing patient population of valve disease patients. Each year, according to the American College of Cardiology, about 5 million people are diagnosed with some sort of heart valve disease.

Since 1951, Mended Hearts has been providing hope, support, education, and resources while helping cardiovascular disease patients advocate for themselves and helping caregivers advocate for loved ones. This support program was originally designed with long-stay surgical patients largely in mind—a population that continues to be central to our mission. However, medical care is changing rapidly, and peer support programs must change and adapt as well. We realize that TAVR patients have unique needs when it comes to support prior to and following their procedure. Such patients often arrive at the hospital older and sicker, yet generally have a shorter hospital stay than do most surgical patients. Thus, pre-procedure the patient’s medical condition precludes much peer support, and post-procedure there is a shorter “window” for peer-to-peer support prior to discharge. That’s why we developed a TAVR peer-to-peer support network and visiting program designed to specifically to meet these unique needs of a TAVR patient.

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