As our country, and the whole world, moves into a time where individuals are no longer physically together, the need for patient and family support becomes even more urgent. Before COVID-19, patients and families could attend support group meetings, educational conferences, and fun events where they were able to connect with others like them—people who understood what they were going through from firsthand experience. While they were in the hospital, they could be visited by a trained Accredited Visitor who could answer their non-medical questions. These activities provided patients, caregivers, parents, and families families with a sense of hope, comfort, and a feeling that they are not alone.

Today, patients are often alone in the hospital, or may be allowed one close relative as a visitor, due to COVID-19 restrictions. This sense of isolation makes an already stressful situation even more scary and overwhelming. The under-served population is at an even higher disadvantage during this time due to the lack of in-home internet, smart phones, and the ability to connect virtually. The My Heart Visit™ program was created to help patients and families feel more connected and less alone.

My Heart Visit™ Visitors – Important Links

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Training by Watching Videos

My Heart Visit™ Visitors can do the video training instead of attending these webinars, but they will need to let us know when they are complete.  Once you have completed the following videos, please send an email to

Virtual Visiting Basics – click HERE
Contact Center Training – click HERE
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My Heart Visit™ Toolkits

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My Heart Visit™ PowerPoint Presentation for Hospitals

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