The MyHeartVisit® Accredited Visiting Program is vital SUPPORT for patients and families. Our trained volunteers make more than 200,000 peer connections each year. Visitors will never give medical advice, but they can listen and share information about living with heart disease from a patient, parent or caregiver perspective.  To learn more about the program, please visit


Visitors – Important Links

Visiting Applications – please email Jodi Smith at

Visitor Info YouTube link – click HERE

Training by Watching Videos

MyHeartVisit® Visitors can do the video training instead of attending these webinars, but they will need to let us know when they are complete.  Once you have completed the following videos, please send an email to

Virtual Visiting Basics – click HERE
Contact Center Training – click HERE
Video Visiting Training – click HERE

MyHeartVisit® Chapter & Group Leader Update (Recording) – click HERE

MyHeartVisit® Visiting Tracking Form – click HERE



Hospital iPad Toolkit – click HERE
Group and Chapter MyHeartVisit®

Toolkit – click HERE

My Heart Visit®

PowerPoint Presentation for Hospitals

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Please email or call 888-432-7899 to order