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    Hospital Visitor

    The foundation of Mended Hearts is its hospital visiting program. Visitors, with the support of hospitals, serve heart patients. As a visitor, you are there to listen and share your own experiences, empathizing with the anxiety and concern of patients and their families. To become a visitor you must:

    • Be a heart patient or the family member of a heart patient
    • You must become a Mended Hearts member
    • Complete the MHI accreditation training

    Mended Hearts trained and accredited visitors continue to report that visiting heart patients, families and caregivers is one of the most rewarding experiences they have been involved in.

    Chapter Support

    Leader Chapter leaders facilitate meetings, which provide an educational environment for heart patients to communicate with others who are coping with heart disease. Chapter leaders are also responsible for the daily functions of the chapter. To become a chapter support leader you must become a Mended Hearts member.

    Patient Advocacy Network

    Mended Hearts recognizes the need for all patients to be empowered about their health. In order to empower patients to be strong advocates for themselves and others – to be champions for change – Mended Hearts has formed the Patient Advocacy Network. The Patient Advocacy Network is a program that offers patients and caregivers the opportunity to provide input on policy and advocacy issues across the United States.

    Newsletter Editor

    Members receive a monthly newsletter on all activities that have taken place and upcoming events. As the editor you will review, format and type the monthly newsletter. Anyone interested in helping chapters keep their members informed can be an editor.