The Mended Hearts, Inc. (MHI) has hundreds of chapters and groups that are organized to serve the organization and their local communities. These chapters and groups are official entities of MHI and can raise funds for their chapter or group to serve their communities along with MHI.

What do they do?

Support Group Meetings: The most common activity of chapters and groups is support group meetings, either in-person (where possible), online, or a hybrid. These meetings allow patients and families to share experiences, successes, concerns and ask questions from others who have “been there.”


Educational Programs: Often chapters and groups have educational programs with speakers to help their members learn more about living with all types of heart disease and about innovations and new treatments available to them. They might also participate in events to help educate their communities about heart disease too.



Visiting and Hospital Support: Chapters and groups may have Accredited Visiting Programs, Bravery Bag Programs, or other programs that support their local hospitals, cardiology practices, clinics and other healthcare providers.


Awareness: Chapters and groups raise awareness of all types of heart disease, including congenital heart disease, and of The Mended Hearts, Inc. and its programs, Mended Hearts, Mended Little Hearts, and Young Mended Hearts.

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What are chapters and groups?

  • Official entities under The Mended Hearts, Inc.
  • People in a local community or an online community who have come together to support and educate people in their area who are impacted by heart disease at any age.
  • CHAPTER: Chapters are more formal than groups and often have a president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. Chapters are most common in the Mended Hearts program.
  • GROUP: Groups are less formal and are often led by a Lead Coordinator, Co-Coordinator, Education Coordinator, Outreach Coordinator and treasurer. Groups are most common in the Mended Little Hearts and Young Mended Hearts programs.

Benefits of chapters and groups

There are often many things that an organized group of people can do that are more difficult for individuals alone. Activities like Accredited Visiting, support groups meetings, robust educational programs, fundraising events, supporting hospitals, and awareness activities are easier done when you have an organized group.

Chapters and groups also have rights such as voting rights, can receive awards, and can help shape the organization more effectively than individuals often can.

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Benefits of Peer Support Downloadable PDF