And the Awards Go To…

and the award goes to

A national conference is not a national conference without an awards ceremony. That’s why, to make it official, Mended Hearts and Mended Little Hearts gave out the following awards at the 63rd annual conference and training session. In addition to this listing, you’ll also find stories about some of the award winners in this issue of the magazine. Congratulations to all of the 2015 winners!


Mended Heart of the Year

Jim Bushnell, immediate past National Newsletter Editor, Dallas Chapter 30. (Read Jim’s story on page 6.)


President’s Cup Award

Learn more about these winners in Chapters on the Move on page 20 of this issue.

1-39 Members

Chapter 91-Greater Wenatchee, Wash.

Runner-Up: West Central Ohio chapter 111, Lima, Ohio

40-99 Members

Chapter 138-Greater Cleveland Runner-Up: Memorial Regional Chapter 161, Hollywood, Fla.

100+ Members Chapter 382-Bellingham, Wash.

No Runner-Up


Mended Little Hearts Group Excellence Award

Mended Little Hearts of Chicago


Mended Little Hearts Group Excellence Runner-Up

Mended Little Hearts of West Michigan


Hospital of the Year

CaroMont Regional Medical Center

Gastonia, N.C.


Dwight Harkin Award

Stanton “Stan” Rowe, Edwards Lifesciences

The 2015 Dwight Emary Harkin Award went to Stan Rowe of Edwards Lifesciences for contributions to the invention of the transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR), which allows doctors to repair a patient’s aortic valve in a minimally invasive surgical procedure. Since the invention of TAVR and a similar procedure called transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI), more than 100,000 implants have been performed worldwide.

In a healthy heart, the aortic valve passes blood from the heart throughout the body. In those with aortic stenosis, the valve becomes clogged with calcium buildup and can’t move enough blood to meet the body’s needs. Symptoms can include energy loss, fainting and even sudden death. TAVR and TAVI are now established therapies to treat aortic stenosis in patients who are deemed too high risk for surgery.

Rowe, a Huntsville, Ala., native, attended the awards ceremony and visited with Mended Hearts members after the event. “It is a privilege to meet the many members of Mended Hearts and to better understand their impactful mission,” he said. “I am so grateful to know that Edwards’ technology makes a big difference in their lives and the lives of patients around the world.”

The Harken Award was created to recognize people or organizations for their excellence in the field of cardiovascular medicine. It is named in honor of Dwight Emary Harken, a pioneer heart surgeon considered the “father” of Mended Hearts. Mended Hearts was co-founded in Massachusetts in 1951 by one of Dr. Harken’s patients, Doris Silliman.


National Newsletter Awards

Monthly Newsletter: Honorable Mention

Heartbeat Away, Chapter 91 Greater Wenatchee, Wash. Editor: Ann Diede

Monthly Newsletter: Honorable Mention

Bridge to the Heart, Chapter 51 Y-Bridge, Zanesville, Ohio Editors: Genevieve & Tony Maniaci

Monthly Newsletter: Winner

The Rhythm Section, Chapter 367 Citrus County (Inverness), Fla. Editor: Rick Hosea

Bi-Monthly Newsletter

Honorable Mention The Tri-State Thumper, Chapter 107 Greater Evansville, Ind. Editor: Jana Stewart

Quarterly Newsletter

Honorable Mention Heartsome in the Heartland, Chapter 342 Mad River, Springfield, Ohio Editor: Carol Haytas






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